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25 years of expertise
in numerical simulation and software development

Our teams of mechanical and computer engineers perform numerical studies of high technicality and added value and multiplatform and multilanguage IT developments for complex and varied technical specifications.
We offer solutions in a wide range of sectors, for a variety of customers, from large industrial groups to research department of SMEs. Geographic proximity with our customers allows our experts to offer services tailored to our clients’ constraints and profession.
Our rigorous recruitments and continuous training policy ensures our staff’s performance and reliability.
We focus particularly on the continuous skills update and the digital power of our computing resources (regularly revised to handle ever larger models).
Our projects are managed via a quality assurance plan and a step by step validation process that ensure that our deliverables conform to our commitments.
We are located near Lyon, in one of the most dynamic French regions on the scientific and industrial level. The company also has premises in the Parisian area.