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Our development services

AROBAS Technologies is a recognized player in software development, and a consulting firm in technology, research and development. AROBAS Technologies provides cutting-edge, technical and scientific expertise.

Our services cater to a variety of clients, from large industrial group to the SMEs in various sectors: automotive, rail, aviation and space industry, medical, energy, plastics ...

Our offer ranges from a fixed price package (in our office or in our client's premises) to consultation contracts for software development and project outsourcing.

Our offer is adapted to many situations:

  • Total support by our team on our site or in the client's premises
  • Capability reinforcement for a project managed by the customer
  • Specific mandates (audit, deployment of a specific application ...)

Our offer covers a wide range of needs:

  • Development in traditional environments like C ++ Builder, Delphi, Matlab / Simulink ...
  • Development of standard programming languages such as Fortran, Python, Java, VBA, SQL, PHP ...
  • Development in specific programming languages, such as DMAP, APDL ...
  • Overhaul or portage of existing software to more modern structures or languages

We develop professional applications and codes through specific interfaces. These achievements are performed as conventional development projects or third application maintenance, according to the chosen contract.

Located near Lyon, in one of the most dynamic French regions on a scientific and industrial level, the company also has premises in the Parisian area.