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Our simulation methodology

AROBAS Technologies makes a point of providing quality studies on the most complex issues. We apply the safest methodology in order to provide the highest added value possible and meet your expectations.

Our approach always starts with an upstream analysis, mixing your professional knowledge to our scientific knowledge. This upstream analysis consists of:

  • An accurate needs analysis: How can we translate your needs in scientific terms? What are the desired output data? What is the expected degree of accuracy?
  • A search of the involved physical phenomena: What are the physical phenomena to consider (expansion, fatigue, creep ...)? Which are the most influential?
  • The choice of a model and the study of its feasibility: What can we do with our tools and skills? What is the best compromise between complexity, precision, and time?
  • The choice of a scientific approach: Step-by-step approach (from the simplest to the most complex)? Multi scale approach (rough to fine)? Need to go through a phase correlation, a parametric sensitivity study, an optimization study?

Once this is done, we elaborate a priced service offer containing details of the upstream analysis, the steps and study implementation deliverables, and the administrative and commercial framework.

The completion of the study itself, involves continuous exchange from both parts, so as to minimize the risk of misunderstandings and keep you sufficiently informed of the work progress. If necessary, we can create intermediate presentation documents and communicate the work in progress at special monitoring meetings.

The study is systematically concluded with a MS PowerPoint presentation document, a detailed report in MS Word format and a computer archive media (CD-ROM, DVD- ROM) to capitalize on the knowledge acquired during the study.