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The screw assembly model


The screw assembly design is usually derived from analytical calculations. Most of the time, this method is legitimate and provides relatively accurate results. But increasingly, special cases appear that require a finite element modeling:

  • Tight screws can experience non-standard sollicitations that cannot be taken into account by the analytical calculations;
  • The assemblies can be submitted to thermal expansion originating in non-homogeneous temperature field;
  • The stress field generated by the screw connections can overlap locally to another field generated by an external load;
  • It is sometimes necessary to master the screw tightening torque consumption due to tensions and friction losses between the different involved contacts;
  • Assemblies can be subjected to shocks, challenging the screw holding by another physical phenomenon than typically envisioned by the analytical criteria;

The expertise of AROBAS Technologies in these models results from over 15 years of experience on complex matters involving screw assemblies