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Our development methodology

Our software development projects are carried out in the best condition due to the use of the most appropriate tools and methodologies :

  • The study of multiple solutions adapted to our client's needs and establishment of a detailed service offer
  • The establishment of the most appropriate methodology in regards to the client's needs (SCRUM, Kanban for Agile approaches, or more traditional methods for the more constrained approaches)
  • The implementation of the quality plan as a methodological framework support (unit tests, functional tests)
  • The use of an UML formalism from the needs analysis to the application deployment (Poseidon)
  • The "object-oriented" design and development to ensure a consistent software architecture
  • The creation of models and / or prototypes to validate the solutions and ensure a product's conformity to the client's specifications and expectations
  • The comparative re-reading of the documents
  • The audit of source codes
  • The automation of the testing phase (TestComplete, specific tools)
  • The systematic project progress presentation (in the client's premises, or via remote meetings using WebEx)