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Our development skills

The AROBAS Technologies software development activity consists of:

  • The design of user-friendly GUI (GUI = Graphical User Interface)
  • The implementation of optimized computing cores predominantly for scientific applications,
  • The interfacing of calculation codes for simulations,
  • The integration of complex models on "Model in the loop" (MIL), "Software in the loop" (SIL) or "Hardware in the loop ‘(HIL) platforms
  • The implementation of co-simulations (FMI / FMU).

A well-designed GUI should allow users to increase productivity, from data entry to data exploitation. To achieve this goal, it is essential to have efficient generation tools that offer quick and concrete solutions to the problems.

Cross-platform deployment, the latest media support (like tablet computers) and other client requirements can also be integrated.

The proposed technical solutions also take into account the type of considered deployment. For example, a calculation core can be part of a desktop application, but can also act as a "brick" in an intranet application (Web Service). In these architectures, it is necessary to guarantee the quickest responses through the use of effective programming techniques such as the critical code parts optimization.

Similarly, several approaches in data storage can be proposed: XML files or more advanced structures such as relational databases.

Finally, our numerical simulation skills enable us to develop applications around computer codes for scientific applications through specific interfaces.

These achievements are executed under development or application management contracts. The fields of application are varied: transportation, mechanics, acoustics, lighting, electronics, energy...