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In addition to our services in simulation, calculation and development, at AROBAS Technologies we offer customized training on the various techniques mastered internally, in order to assist your company in the use of numerical simulation.

Our best experts can create on demand training programs tailored to your company’s needs, level, profession and tools, such as the ones cited hereunder:

  • Training on the proper use of the finite element method;
  • Training on advanced linear dynamics with ABAQUS;
  • Training on Nastran in the vibratory design of heavyweights;
  • ...

The objective of these trainings is of course to improve your productivity in the studied areas, but also to give you the keys to address your simulation problems in hindsight and with a critical mindset.

If you wish to establish a specific model of your products or start a numerical simulation activity in your office, AROBAS Technologies can offer you continued and methodological support while taking into account your IT resources, constraints and budget.

Our engineers offer in-house support and remote support via desktop sharing applications.

The objective of this type of support is to help you become independent in the use of simulation software and model building, and build effective and sustainable methods of simulation.


AROBAS Technologies conducts audits on your calculation methods and development processes, whether in the fields of numerical simulation or software development.

Starting with the expression of your problems, objectives and constraints, we then offer a plan of investigation in order to collect, analyze and synthesize the process, pinpointing areas for improvement and a possible action plan.

The data and information collection is usually done in your premises and in your work environment. It is followed by the appropriation of technical documents and interviews with the concerned technical managers. The audit verifies the compliance of the application with the quality plan, if it exists.

The analysis phase takes place in our premises and is reflected by a technical summary report that highlights the positive and critical points to improve.

The entire work is then returned in a final presentation explaining the audit's results, providing recommendations and describing the areas for improvement in the form of a technical proposal.

Throughout the process, regular contact is maintained to verify the correct interpretation of the information and communicate on the progress of our investigations. Following the audit, AROBAS Technologies submits a detailed delivery offer of the action plan that should be implemented.

Whether you are looking for a new perspective on your projects, wish to refresh your existing calculation methods, industrialize or design a new development, AROBAS Technologies provides expertise and an objective and confidential support.